For so many of us, Jessica was the meaning of life itself and for all of those who knew her, our world will surely never be the same now that she is gone.

For those who didn’t know her, we only wish you could have. For someone so young at 21, Jessica touched so many people. She was a daughter, sister, aunt, niece, cousin, friend and confidant, to so many people.

“There is something wrong with the world today” for someone so full of life to meet such a sudden and brutal death. Her death has not only deeply affected those who knew her well, but also strangers who never met her.

However, as tragic as her death was, we cannot let her life be defined by her death. That is not what she would have wanted.


A big thank you to the following for your kind support for the past ten years.

Brain Injury Canada | Lesion Cerebrale Canada
Children and Adolescents with Neurological Disability Organization
Ches Crosbie Barrister: Road Injury Lawyers

EXTRAordinary Women

ribbon-iconZalzal, Marianne ribbon-iconExtraordinary Director of Public Works
ribbon-iconYujnovich, Zoë   ribbon-iconExtraordinary Role Model
ribbon-iconXavier’s daughter   ribbon-iconExtraordinary Painter
ribbon-iconWhalen, Dianne   ribbon-iconExtraordinary MHA
ribbon-iconVan Vlaardingen, C   ribbon-iconExtraordinary Television Coverage
ribbon-iconUnhola, Denise   ribbon-iconExtraordinary Board Member
ribbon-iconTomes, Sue   ribbon-iconExtraordinary Headmistress
ribbon-iconSlaney, Sheri   ribbon-iconExtraordinary HOG, Jessica’s Run
ribbon-iconRossy, Sharon   ribbon-iconExtraordinary Psychologist & Friend
ribbon-iconQueen Elizabeth   ribbon-iconExtraordinary Crown (Jessica wanted her own)
ribbon-iconPrice, Beverley   ribbon-iconExtraordinary Sister and Role Model
ribbon-iconO’Dea, Jennifer   ribbon-iconExtraordinary Paediatrician
ribbon-iconNoel, Eileen   ribbon-iconExtraordinary Psychologist and Friend
ribbon-iconMontgomery, Sue   ribbon-iconExtraordinary News Reporter
ribbon-iconLangbo, Maureen   ribbon-iconExtraordinary Friend and Supporter
ribbon-iconKaminski, Vicki   ribbon-iconExtraordinary Director of Health
ribbon-iconJohnson, Shirley   ribbon-iconExtraordinary Past President BIAC
ribbon-iconIbernia   ribbon-iconExtraordinary |From Ireland|
ribbon-iconHolman-Price, Julia   ribbon-iconExtraordinary Sister
ribbon-iconGriffen, Pamela   ribbon-iconExtraordinary Injury Prevention Specialist
ribbon-iconFavret, Nancy   ribbon-iconExtraordinary Encouragement
ribbon-iconEmans, Beverley   ribbon-iconExtraordinary Advisor
ribbon-iconDel Carpio, Raquel   ribbon-iconExtraordinary Friend to Jessica’s Family
ribbon-iconChow, Olivia   ribbon-iconExtraordinary Author of Bill-C344 (Sideguards)
ribbon-iconBundle, Mary   ribbon-iconExtraordinary Fictional Great, Great Grandmother
ribbon-iconAllain, Jessica   ribbon-iconExtraordinary Survivor and Thriver

There are many, many more Extraordinary Women & Men who were inspirational to Jessica, supporters of Jessica’s family, their friends and contributors to The Jessica Campaign.  Thank you all!

Campaign Support

Campaign Support

Thank you for supporting The Jessica Campaign. Please submit your address details or directly mail your personalised letter to The Canadian Prime Minister. Every letter takes us one step closer to making our roads safer.