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Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau PC MP

Office of the Prime Minister

80 Wellington Street

Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2

On December 19, 2005, on a street corner in Montreal, 21-year-old Jessica Holman-Price lost her life under the wheels of a city snow removal truck and her 10-year-old brother was left with multiple fractures. The siblings and the truck were simultaneously given a green light at a pedestrian crossing near a YMCA. The truck took a tight, blind right turn failing to yield priority to the pedestrians. It cut the snow from under the brother and sister causing them to slide underneath. A 76-year-old man was killed in similar circumstances the following day.  Currently there is no Canadian or US legislation for front, back, or side guards beneath trucks as exists in Europe.

Since that horrifying day, Jessica’s family has launched The Jessica Campaign in her memory and with the sole purpose of petitioning municipalities, provinces and our federal government(s) to create the changes necessary to make North America’s roads safer.  The call for sideguards is not a new phenomenon.  Here in Canada there are Coroner’s reports recommending sideguards as remedies to these avoidable tragedies.  These reports have covered fatalities in Canada dating back to 1986 with the latest published this year.

The European Community has required sideguards for all heavy vehicles since 1989 and the United Kingdom for over 30 years. We have seen for decades that sideguards can play an important role in making our communities safer.  We encourage our government to live up to it’s pledge to make Canada’s roads the safest.

Many jurisdictions across our country have already begun to require that all new purchases of heavy vehicles be pre-equipped with sideguards.  Since the launch of The Jessica Campaign, sideguards have been debated and recommended by safety experts, scientists, trucking associations and community leaders.  Large US cities such as Boston, Washington, Portland and New York have all made the proactive decision to put sideguards on their fleets of trucks, following the available research. Here in Canada, cities such as St. John’s, Halifax, Westmount, Saint Laurent and Longueuil to name a few, plus the province of NL have outfitted their fleets.

Prime Minister Trudeau, as Prime Minister and as a father, we urge you to ensure that the next revision of the Motor Vehicle Safety Act includes a regulation update that ensures all trucks built in or imported to Canada are equipped with this proven lifesaving equipment. Sideguards have been proven to save lives. You have the research at hand.

I would like to add my name to the tens of thousands of names sent to your predecessor, demanding that our government improve road safety for vulnerable road users in Canada.  Prime Minister Trudeau we know we can count on you to listen to Canadians and to ensure we do all we can to save the lives of vulnerable Canadians.

Yours sincerely,