Takler USA has donated a sideguard to The Jessica Campaign  (“TJC”) which will use it to save lives! Here is a copy of the letter from Takler to TJC.

I am so proud of what The Jessica Campaign is doing to make trucks safer and I am honored to be part of it.

I want to thank Mrs. Jeanette and her team for giving me the opportunity to be involved in what I think should be considered an important step forward on making streets safer.

Takler USA is flattered to participate in your nation’s capital at the installation of side guards on one of the City of Ottawas trucks and will be always in the front row to help cities to start doing so.  

I come from Italy where side guards are mandatory, like the rest of Europe, since 1989. Watching trucks without that inexpensive and easy device makes me think that I should do more about it and I always say that beside my job, one day my kids will be walking around and I want to make sure that that day, trucks will have side guards installed!

Taklers side guard protection system complies with VOLPEs regulations and many other certifications required in various countries around the world and this is only one of our extensive range of products built to make your truck safer and make the drivers life easier. Safety – its what matter, BECAUSE LIVES MATTER

There is ONLY One Vision Zero

Best Regards,

Francesco Copeta

North America Sales Manager 

Takler Usa Inc.