December 17th, 2016

The Jessica Campaign – Come Walk with Me

ST. JOHN’S, NL – The Jessica Campaign (“TJC”) and friends will host their first anniversary walk Monday, December 19, 2016.

Monday is the eleventh anniversary of the tragic story that destroyed a Newfoundland family in Montreal. Jessica’s mom and friends will come together at the steps of City Hall and begin a walk that will eventually take them to Washington, DC. There is a new petition from TJC & Friends, a petition we want all Canadians to sign. TJC & Friends hope to march to Washington over the coming weeks to deliver 1,000,000 signatures on this petition that demands North American legislation to protect all road users.

Whether we are walking, talking, texting, driving, sledding or pushing, we all should have the right to reach our destinations safely each and every time. With much talk about Vision Zero across our country and the world, supporters of TJC think our decision makers are missing the point.


Come walk with us and DEMAND more.

For more information, the general public should email: 

Facebook: The Jessica Campaign, or contact us through our website:

Two events to mark the day will be held in St. John’s, one at 10 am at City Hall and another at 5 pm at 161 Casey St.

Please join us at 161 Casey Street to meet some of Newfoundland and Labrador’s (“NL”) heroes of road safety and some truly EXtraOrdinary Women and Men who have already made a difference in saving lives of NLers.

There will be prizes and refreshments, entertainment and positive energy to share. What a great way to kick of the holiday season getting together with friends and family to support local charities and win some prizes as well. More prizes will be announced at TJC throughout 2016/17.

TJC was started in NL by the family and friends of Jessica Holman-Price, M.B., who was tragically killed in Quebec on December 19, 2005. TJC is a public advocacy for long overdue upgrades to Canada’s motor vehicle safety standards and legislation across North America.



Jeannette Holman-Price

(613) 329 4555