Side Guards on Heavy Vehicles Improve Pedestrian Safety

Dec 1, 2014 | Other

SIDE GUARDS ON HEAVY VEHICLES improve pedestrian safetyLike other Montreal Island municipalities and some Montreal boroughs, Town of Mount Royal has fitted all its heavy vehicles with side guards. Also known as lateral protection devices, the steel or aluminum guards block the space between the vehicles’ axels, where tanks and other equipment are located. Other types of truck used by Technical Services have been fitted instead with side toolboxes, which provide the same level of protection as the guards.


Since 2013, all the Town’s heavy vehicles have been equipped with two side guards. The cost, including installation, is $750 per vehicle. It has also been decided that, when replacing the Town’s heavy vehicle fleet, each new vehicle should come equipped with side guards.

This project is largely inspired by the sustained efforts of the family of Jessica Holman-Price, a young Montrealer who died in 2005 in a Westmount accident involving a snow-removal truck. To reduce the risk of similar accidents happening, the young woman’s family launched the Jessica Campaign, one of whose goals is to increase road safety.

Source: The Town of Mount Royal: 


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