Side guards budgeted for Paradise fleet

May 16, 2009 | Articles

Due to the tireless efforts of a Portugal Cove-St. Philips’ woman who lost her daughter in a freak accident, the Town of Paradise has announced they will be installing side guards on all of the town’s snow removal equipment.

At the May 5th public town council meeting, Deputy Mayor Deborah Quilty said the Town of Paradise would be allocating funds in their upcoming budget for the installation of the side guards in response to Jeanette Holman-Price’s ‘Jessica Campaign’ which Paradise gave public support for, last year.

The Jessica Campaign was initiated by HolmanPrice, it was her daughter that was killed in 2004 by an operating snow removal truck in Montreal. Jessica lost her life while saving the life of her younger brother as they stood on a street corner while a snow removal truck drove past.

Since 2004, Holman-Price has been lobbying to get side guards installed on all city snow removal trucks across the country in an attempt to save other lives and to honour her daughter’s memory.

At the most recent city council meeting in St. John’s, the council there agreed unanimously to install the side guards as well.



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Campaign Support

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